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Is This Christmas?


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What is the purpose of Christmas?
Is it blow up polar bears,
Is it Christmas light competitions,
Is it angry people standing in long lines,
Is it stressing out trying to find the perfect gift,
Is it watching our favorite NBA teams face off,
Is it baking and eating Christmas goodies,
Is it playing games with friends and family,
Is it wondering how you will pay off the Christmas debt,
Is it pretending to be thankful for that weird gift from your aunt,
Is it going on that dream tropical vacation,
Is it finally getting that Christmas bonus from work,
Is it winning the ugly Christmas sweater competition,
Is it listening to countless hours of Christmas music,
Is it cold weather and snow on the ground,
Is it waking up early for Christmas morning?


It is birthday celebration and jubilation,
It is for One born in an animal feeding trough,
It is for He who the angels foretold,
It is He who the shepherds and wisemen came to find,
It is for Him who was born of a virgin birth,
It is for the One who there was no room for in the Inn,
It is for the only One who lived a perfect life,
It is for Him who took all our sins,
It is because of His endless mercy and grace,
It is the free gift of salvation,
It is only for God’s sons and daughters,
It is the Lion and the Lamb,
It is Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, God with us,
It is the true reason for the season,
It is the One in whom we place all our hope,

peasWritten by: Jonathan Peaslee

Basketball gave me something to focus my talents on, but Jesus Christ gave me purpose for everything in life.  From the simple beginnings of playing basketball on a gravel driveway in Eastern Illinois, to playing college ball for Mid-America Christian University, to traveling the world on basketball tours with AIA; the Lord has taught me how to use basketball to reach peoples hearts with the Gospel of Jesus.  John 1:12  Met my beautiful wife Lina on an AIA basketball tour to Colombia, South America.  My life and walk with God have never been the same since that unforgettable journey to the heart of Colombia in 2015.  Full-time staff with AIA since 2011.

3 Simple Joys

  • “My Wife. She’s definitely a simple joy.”
  • Lord of the Rings
  • My dad, mom, and brother

2 Hobbies

  • “Basketball. I like that.”
  • Building into others

1 Favorite Passage

  • John 1:12 – “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” NIV

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