Identity, Perseverance, Resilience, Surrender



I was lost as a child.

Confused, I swam in the seas of rejection.

I placed my heart in the deceitful hands of deception, because she made me happy.

Proud to escape the reality of pain, and quick to dismiss the truth of shame I grew.

My teen years, or dream years, were mellowed by the distaste of my misplaced soul into a carcass.

Dead in the spirit like a zombie, I was heartless.

As a man I cried, God where did you have my soul purpose sent?

His response dazed me, He said, “This old tree grew from a seed of abandonment.”   

Truth is I watered it with doubt and missed faith.

My sanity for me was a bottle, underaged, misguided and unequipped,

He whispered in my ear and told me I’m made for so much and this aint it.

The fact of the matter is continually I must die to my addictions,

Because death came before the resurrection and there’s no way I can come back up without first going down.

He gave me new inspiration with fresh revelation

And understanding taught me the difference between right and wrong,

Even gave me a gift known as the Holy Spirit.

For no additional fee, I even got a key to access doors to the inheritance.

The purpose is He came and set me free from the bondage I equivalated within myself.  

Written by: Rashad Branch 


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