I’m Graduating. What Now?


We wait and wait for the day when we finally graduate college, and then we sometimes realize as the day draws near something along the lines of, “I have no idea what to do with my life.” We’ve been there too. And we’d like to tell you about some exciting opportunities that could become a couple of the most impactful, shaping years of your life! Click HERE to learn more about any of these opportunities on our main website. 


One-year internships: join AIA Women’s Basketball for a one-year long internship at our World Headquarters in Xenia, OH. This would be a step into an environment of stretching and growth, both spiritually and professionally. Interns help run life in the daily office, but also will participate in:

  • A year-long spiritual and personal development training (weekly)
  • Help lead and run team retreats with women’s basketball teams in the fall
  • Learn to recruit for a summer tour and help prepare for it in the office
  • Help lead an international tour, through discipleship, playing (if desired), and administration

STINT: live overseas for a one-year long international sports ministry project in a partnering country through AIA

Campus internship: work at a local campus ministry with the athletes on that campus, discipling them and helping lead weekly meetings for the movement on that campus.

Full-time staff: there are many opportunities and needs across the country for full-time staff, both at our headquarters and on college campuses. To learn more about this or other opportunities, click HERE to explore our Career page online.