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Team Building Retreats

At high-quality low cost, we will travel to your campus to do a customized team building retreat, specific to the needs of your program.



Explore the feedback of different coaches and programs who have used Athletes in Action in pre-season team building.


Helpful Resources

A wide variety of suggestions of books, podcasts, and more that we find helpful in the areas of faith, coaching, basketball, and culture.


Play Overseas with AIA

Each summer we take multiple international tours to various countries around the world to compete and use basketball to share our faith. Each year we are looking for coaches and players to join us in this life-changing experience… find out how you can be a part!


Leadership Development

Many athletes are asked to lead, but few are taught how to be a good leader. Find out more on how to send your player to our Division I Captains Academy, where they’ll be further equipped on how to be a leader on your team. Per NCAA Guidelines, programs can fund this opportunity for athletes.


I’m Graduating. What Now?

The first year after graduation can be extremely difficult! Whether you’re a recent grad or far removed from college, we offer one and two year internships, campus and overseas opportunities, and full-time staff positions. Take a few minutes and find out more…


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